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Subject: Re: Is RHIDE a good environment to use?
Date: 24 Jan 1998 12:54:56 GMT
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>I have been following the posts of this group on and off for about a year
>now.  I know that there has been some debate as to which environment users
>of djgpp should use: RHIDE or EMACS?
RHIDE is excellent... I know nothing about EMACs... but I've heard it is
harder. (don't mean to offend anyone - that's what I heard)

>Which do you prefer?  and why?
>Is RHIDE virtually bug free now?
Have you EVER seen anything BUG FREE????

Is that your requirement as far as what to use?

I make DOS apps (for PCs of course) w/ RHIDE... although there are some
"quirks"... I really like using it w/ DJGPP....

Jim the loiterer
aloiterer AT juno DOT com

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