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00:32:33 Re: ANNOUNCE: EPZip 1.00 - not good news (Vik Heyndrickx)
00:46:34 Re: Is there a Windows frontend for DJGPP?? (DigitalFX)
01:23:56 Re: What does DJGPP stand for? (Dim Zegebart)
01:39:01 Re: Disabling use of registers (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:09 Re: GNU ANSI C++ Library (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:38 Re: help long long (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:39 Re: okay nearly there,. (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:45 Re: GCC on an 80286 (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:57 Re: GCC -dr? (Nate Eldredge)
01:39:58 Re: Struct field aligning (Nate Eldredge)
01:40:05 Re: DMA programming in DOS (Nate Eldredge)
01:40:06 Re: Runtime code generation ques (Nate Eldredge)
01:40:12 Re: What does DJGPP stand for? (Nate Eldredge)
01:42:58 Re: The Program have no error but the Compiler say "There is some error". (Mrazek Petr)
02:08:24 Re: Can't debug in RHIDE!! (Mrazek Petr)
02:16:14 Re: Struct field aligning (George Foot)
03:33:00 The Ultimate DJGPP Page (STEVEN S. FALLS)
03:46:20 Re: undefined references (John M. Aldrich)
04:16:24 does anyone have anyideas on how to optimize this code (STEVEN S. FALLS)
04:16:28 mixing C and Nasm code (Robert McNulty)
04:16:37 Re: Beginner to DJGPP, but not to C++ (Paul Derbyshire)
04:16:39 Re: Networking code? (Paul Derbyshire)
04:16:41 Re: rand() or random() (Paul Derbyshire)
04:45:56 Needs LOTS of help (FerretBoy3)
04:46:17 Re: GAS segment override (Ove Kaaven)
05:16:01 mystery European scancode (Mark Slagell)
05:27:02 Re: Sed docs. (Cesar Scarpini Rabak)
05:42:17 Re: What does DJGPP stand for? (Peter Palotas)
05:46:12 Re: mystery European scancode (Mark Slagell)
06:16:11 Re: mouse functions (Avi Fogel)
06:16:21 Re: Unclear Error Message (George Foot)
07:01:24 Unclear Error Message (Ofer Corshid)
07:16:21 Re: Explain RHIDE error (Michael Mauch)
07:46:00 Re: General Protection Fault interception vs. Checking stack (Roman Suzi)
07:46:03 Mysterious C++ STL compiler message (CDKrug)
07:46:15 Re: Unclear Error Message (A. Sinan Unur)
07:46:17 Re: Memory allocation (Charles Sandmann)
07:51:54 Replace program? (Molnar Laszlo)
07:53:32 GCC -dr? (Molnar Laszlo)
08:05:03 ELF and DOS (Molnar Laszlo)
08:16:13 Re: wierd problem (J P Morris)
08:26:29 Re: Compiler warning - bad parameter (A. Sinan Unur)
08:46:26 Trying to get Templates to work (SLList) (
09:16:31 Compiler warning - bad parameter (Mike Collins)
09:30:23 Re: parameter passing (Erik Max Francis)
10:18:07 Re: help please (Weiqi Gao)
11:03:01 Re: Boot Code / OS (John Patton)
11:15:07 Re: Boot Code / OS (John Patton)
11:30:28 Help with setup (DELCO J)
11:30:29 bzip2 port (Ed Avis)
11:57:11 QUAD_WORD (unsigned long long) bit testing (csantill)
12:47:30 Help, interrupt vectors for IRQ0-15 changed under cwsdpmi? (
13:30:31 Re: DJGPP newbie..C newbie.. (Zoey4Pres)
13:45:20 Re: Assembly (Ian Chapman)
14:11:08 Re: does anyone have anyideas on how to optimize this code (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:12:14 Re: GAS segment override (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:20:05 Re: Help, interrupt vectors for IRQ0-15 changed under cwsdpmi? (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:23:49 Re: GCC on an 80286 (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
14:26:45 Re: POSIX Libraries (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
16:34:07 Allegro Problem, maybe a bug (Ingo Ruhnke)
18:16:00 Re: int 16h/func 00h (Laurent Turcotte)
19:17:57 Re: What does DJGPP stand for? (DJ Delorie)
19:21:22 Re: POSIX Libraries (DJ Delorie)
19:30:22 Re: Screensaver programming in DJGPP (Weiqi Gao)
19:30:23 Re: wierd problem (John M. Aldrich)
19:30:24 Re: GCC on an 80286 (D. Jeff Dionne)
20:17:24 Re: What does DJGPP stand for? (Matthew Bennett)
20:47:01 Re: Stupid TeX config question (Boon van der RJ)
20:47:02 Re: can someone convert this small, humble, light weight voxel code to djgpp for me??? (Steven Don)
21:13:49 Bug in NASM (possibly old) (Gurunandan R. Bhat)
21:15:22 Re: help! I can't find where is __DJGPP__ defined (Andrew Crabtree)
21:27:14 Announce: ScreenFX update - now w/source! (Brett Leslie Porter)
21:30:19 Total Newbie (Robert Denby)
21:45:17 Re: does anyone have anyideas on how to optimize this code (Andrew Crabtree)
22:15:33 RHIDE Question (J Walker)
22:15:35 i386 as assembler manual and fsubrp instruncion in as. (Heo, Sung-Gwan)
22:31:33 Re: help long long (Jon Seanor)
23:15:21 Re: patch unexpected action (George Foot)
23:35:49 To slow texture Mapping (Manuel Porras)

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