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00:03:20 Re: Pentium II 266 Computer Raffle - Dream Machine - Benefits Childrens Hospital (Adam W Lee)
00:19:02 Re: Please Help!!! Im really stuck on this and the FAQs not helping (firewind)
00:19:07 Re: complex numbers, correct ?? (Adam W Lee)
00:19:08 Re: HELP: FAST PutPixel (Jaspeers)
01:17:37 Re: DJGPP Version 3 (firewind)
01:20:11 MGL (Graham R. Robbins)
01:32:48 Re: DJGPP (actually gcc on many platforms) (Andy Bober)
01:49:05 Re: Asm source code (M. Schulter)
02:17:26 Re: Problem with fstreams... (Paul Derbyshire)
02:47:56 Re: bloated exe files (DigitalFx)
02:48:18 Re: C++ copyright (Paul Derbyshire)
03:03:17 Re: Functions in struct's... possible? How? (Erik Max Francis)
03:17:37 Re: seekg/fstream problem (Michael Jara)
04:40:51 Re: Rebuilding gcc - "c-parse.gperf" not found (Esa A E Peuha)
05:19:02 Re: Rhide problem (Robert Hoehne)
06:07:55 Re: Inverse Cos (Andrew Hurrell)
06:17:52 Re: Configuring RHIDE (Robert Hoehne)
07:19:04 Re: DJGPP (actually gcc on many platforms) (Robert Hoehne)
07:33:09 Re: seekg/fstream problem (Michael Jara)
08:19:38 Re: DJGPP Version 3 (MN Daya)
08:19:39 Re: About network libs (Mertl Michal - UC,,student,UID=22797)
08:19:41 Re: STL and Rhide ??? 2 (Mertl Michal - UC,,student,UID=22797)
09:12:02 DJGPP progs always crash (Alexander Gottwald)
09:12:41 Re: Great new 386/GAS guide (Mertl Michal - UC,,student,UID=22797)
09:17:30 Re: Newbie Questions (Art S. Kagel)
09:19:40 rhide New user !! HELP !! (trico)
09:20:54 MACRO (Lukas Hejtmanek)
10:34:39 system(): program too large (Jari Oksanen)
11:19:54 Graphics: fading from one image to another (Mr A. Appleyard)
11:33:52 Re: Curious floating point exception errors (Richard Russell)
12:19:23 templates and djgpp - Mat.err (0/1) (Ohad Somjen)
12:48:37 Re: Determining the path of the executable at runtime (Michael Mauch)
12:48:47 Re: DJGPP regex - how does it work? (Michael Mauch)
13:18:17 Re: DJGPP (actually gcc on many platforms) (Michael Mauch)
13:36:07 gets amd scanf (
14:04:12 Re: complex numbers, correct ?? (Peter Berdeklis)
14:25:43 Re: Q: DMA buffer allocation (Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET))
15:37:02 Re: Rebuilding gcc - "c-parse.gperf" not found (Colin Walsh)
17:18:30 Re: MMX Support (Michal Mertl)
17:32:49 Re: Rebuilding patched gcc2721 -- ld.exe problem? (Vik Heyndrickx)
18:33:37 Re: DJGPP (actually gcc on many platforms) (Andrew Bober)
19:04:06 Re: DJGPP (actually gcc on many platforms) (Andrew Bober)
19:04:14 Rhide 1.3bb (J.E.)
19:04:19 Why doesn't my program run correctly? (Ѥ~)
19:32:39 Re: Functions in struct's... possible? How? (Elliott Oti)
20:07:29 Re: Array of functions? (Joel Rosenthal)
20:33:08 MS SDK includes for RSXNTDJ 1.3 (Darren Grant)
23:16:31 Re: C++ copyright (A. Sinan Unur)

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