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Subject: Allegro for Windows
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 14:16:51 GMT
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Currently I'm working on a windows version of Allegro It will be a
Win32 DLL that features :

- Simplification of DirectX use : you will be able to make use of the
DirectX features without any knowledge of the DirectX API, and without
need for the DirectX SDK (you only need  DirectX installed on your PC)

- Support for all compilers out there, especially the free ones like
DJGPP, LCC Win32, ...

- The ability to port your favourite Allegro applications to Windows
without too much problems. E.g. You can use the same resource files
(allegro dat files) 

- Since it's based on the DOS version of Allegro, it will be freeware
(although I'm thinking about changing it to beer ware ;-), and the
source code will be available too of course.

Keep checking out my homepage for more information, I will also
anounce all releases in this newsgroup and I
allready have a working version now (which offers a subset of the
Allegro for DOS functionality), but I need to polish it a little more.
The first (alpha) release will be in about a week. I'm allready
posting this now to check out how much interest there is for a Windows
version of Allegro.

Dominique Biesmans

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