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Subject: Re: Glitch-free scrolling under Win95?
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Davin Pearson wrote:
> I have just installed the Allegro libraries and demos and have noticed
> that my Win95 box makes some of the screen scrolling demos glitch
> about twice every second.
> I used to program on the Amiga, where you could write a demo that
> scrolled around a huge bitmap with no glitches whatsoever.  Is such a
> thing possible on Win95?  If so, how do you do it using Allegro?
> I am writing a car game, in which the view point of the cars is a
> birds-eye view, and so the graphics engine is simply a piece of code
> to scroll around a super bitmap (in main memory).  The problem is that
> glitches are much more noticable when you are scrolling a huge bitmap
> as opposed to moving sprites and pixels around the screen like
> all those asteroid-clone games.
> If someone has written some Win95-glitch-free code under DJGPP, could
> they post a pointer to it?
> ta, Davin.

W95 did that alot on me.. so you could Do what I did.
deltree windows

You'd be suprised HOW many problems that fixes. :)

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