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Subject: Re: Check out my demo game!
Date: 4 Aug 1997 23:24:04 GMT
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You have think about what you are trying to accomplish.  Are
you trying to write the next best graphics lib, sound lib or
installation utility?  Or, are you trying to write a kick ass game?

I come from a business programming background, so maybe I
am a little biased on this topic, but, I love having specialized
libraries that I can rely on.  Instead of spending all of my time
researching the nuances of different graphics cards and sound
cards, I can program what I want to be programming: the game.

By the way, I use Visual C++ 5.0 and am currently testing my
code with Fastgraph for Windows (Ted Gruber Software), WGT95
(Egerter Software) and Scitech MGL3.0 - 3.1 (Scitech Software).
While I promote the use of libraries, I still think it is every
programmers job, duty and sworn oath, to find the best library for
their needs.

Robb Largent

Gareth Davies <gareth AT spamguard DOT davies DOT discovery-net DOT co DOT uk (please remove
the spamguard bit!)> wrote in article
<01bca11c$5384ce60$45025cc3 AT neverworks->...
> One other point. I would be interested in everyone's opinion of Allegro.
> can't actually use it because I use Watcom, but is it really sensible to
> use this library (as good as it might be). Aren't people missing out on
> learning experience which would otherwise be gained by doing these things
> yourself ??? as well as a lost ability later on to optimise the codeto
> needs (I know you get the source, but if you don't understand it, you
> optimise it). I'm not looking for flames, just genuine opinions.
> For what it's worth,
> Gareth

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