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Subject: Re: Check out my demo game!
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 00:04:33 GMT
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>One other point. I would be interested in everyone's opinion of Allegro. I
>can't actually use it because I use Watcom, but is it really sensible to
>use this library (as good as it might be). Aren't people missing out on the
>learning experience which would otherwise be gained by doing these things
>yourself ??? as well as a lost ability later on to optimise the codeto your
>needs (I know you get the source, but if you don't understand it, you can't
>optimise it). I'm not looking for flames, just genuine opinions.

Well I don't use Allegro but I think libraries like it are good things
because some people coming over to DJGPP from real mode compilers want
instant results, and in a protected mode environment that's just not
very feasible.  Alot of people want to program games, I know I do.
You see Quake and you know it was done with DJGPP and you want to do
games because of it.  Allegro provides a library that does not have a
steep learning curve and provides very good performance.  I myself
take the DIY approach and I understand alot more about protected mode
programming than I did just months ago because of it, but some people
may not want that right away.  Eventually I think all good programmers
seek to understand how things are accomplished but even the best need
a springboard sometimes.  Just my $.02

Lonnie McCullough
lonniem AT cs DOT utexas DOT edu

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