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00:31:20 vesa graphics (S2200253@NICKEL.LAURENTIAN.CA)
00:34:03 Rhide problems (Carlos A Alcalde)
01:19:20 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
02:22:00 Sofware announce : Palantir 0.1b - events kernel for Allegro (Dim Zegebart)
02:44:51 DJGPP AND PROJECTS ahhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP (
03:45:52 SIN and COS (Henri Ossi)
03:46:24 Re: DLLS (Miguel Murillo)
03:47:00 Re: SIGFPE HELP!!! (Michael Bukin)
04:14:50 Re: DJGPP AND PROJECTS ahhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP (Skye)
06:22:37 Re: Allegro 3d question/bug? (Leath Muller)
07:23:52 Re: Interface with graphic cards (Leath Muller)
08:22:40 arena ported (barely) (Fabio PISONI)
09:06:05 Re: Compling GCC (Andrew Cottrell)
09:28:12 Re: What?!? (David McKee)
09:28:20 Re: Capturing a screen from Allegro. (Andrew Deren)
09:36:20 Re: Visual C (Alexey Kouzmitch)
10:06:27 Re: help : inline ASM in DJGPP (Eli Zaretskii)
10:18:53 Memory Model Question (
10:23:43 Re: vesa graphics (Eli Zaretskii)
10:28:53 Re: Compling GCC (Eli Zaretskii)
10:51:10 Re: gcc optimize performance, V2.7.2.1 versus V2.6.0 (Eli Zaretskii)
10:51:16 Re: Memory Model Question (Eli Zaretskii)
10:54:51 C++ libgpp.a "undefined reference"? (JustIn)
11:13:58 Re: Visual C (Dominique Biesmans)
11:56:09 Re: Memory Model Question (art s. kagel IFMX x2697)
13:21:51 Re: SIN and COS (Christoph Kukulies)
13:41:03 Re: Visual C (firewind)
13:43:12 Re: Memory Model Question (firewind)
14:54:24 Newbie djgpp G77 Question (Jeff Krob)
15:00:13 Re: DLLS (Mark T Logan)
15:00:31 Re: arena ported (barely) (Fabio PISONI)
15:55:14 Re: Hello, question, probably been asked a billion times before. (David JD Bell)
16:07:40 Allegro question (Jeff Bachtel)
16:53:34 Re: arena ported (barely) (Fabio PISONI)
16:57:31 Re: Memory Model Question (John Beppu)
17:44:09 Re: allegro - sprites and smudge on screen (Sean L. Palmer)
18:22:31 SIGSEGV when doing file operations (Kyle R. Hofmann)
18:30:56 Re: Newbie djgpp G77 Question (firewind)
18:32:35 rawclock() not working right? (John K Murphy)
18:49:45 Listen Up (MyBigMouth)
19:27:02 HELP!! RHIDE not giving error messages (J.D. Piette)
19:36:40 Re: Software602, Inc. (Orlando Andico)
19:51:21 Re: What?!? (Orlando Andico)
20:15:46 Re: What?!? (Orlando Andico)
21:10:57 Re: rawclock() not working right? (firewind)
21:42:30 Re: SIGSEGV when doing file operations (Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church)
21:43:18 Borland C to DJGPP (Bowers)
22:08:11 Re: rawclock() not working right? (DJ Delorie)
22:23:29 Mailing List (Gugler)
22:43:01 Re: What?!? (Gerard)
22:43:15 Re: DLLS (John M. Aldrich)
22:43:45 C++ undefined references in libgpp.a to '__dj_blah' using 'cout' ? (JustIn)
22:44:17 Interrupt handlers and page locking (Edward Schlunder)
22:44:22 Re: SIN and COS (Tudor)
22:44:37 ANNOUNCE: GNU Hello 1.3 uploaded to SimTel.NET (Eli Zaretskii)
22:48:30 ANNOUNCE: GNU Flex 2.5.4 uploaded to SimTel.NET (Eli Zaretskii)
23:15:29 Template (Virtual Table) Problems (Bryan Murphy)
23:46:05 Re: arena ported (barely) (Orlando Andico)
23:48:41 Re: Borland C to DJGPP (firewind)
23:51:27 Re: DLLS (Dim Zegebart)
23:51:49 Optimizing the compiler (Pedro Giffuni)
23:55:25 Re: DLLS (Orlando Andico)

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