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01:32:55 Allegro 2.2 file_select example (Kenton E. Sinner)
01:33:29 Re: function arguments aliases? (Michael Bukin)
02:56:45 Re: Sample programs (A. Jans-Beken)
03:12:20 Allegro - shadow of sprites (A. Jans-Beken)
03:38:56 Re: RHIDE: can you step through .cpp files? (Skye)
03:43:46 RHIDE: can you step through .cpp files? (Andy Bober)
04:26:26 RHIDE: can you step through .cpp files? (<a href="mailto:muajb2 AT uxa DOT ecn DOT bgu DOT edu">Andy Bober)
06:01:14 Re: Running OLD djgpp program on Linux's DOSEMU - solution! (Jacek Misiurewicz)
08:15:25 Re: HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE MADE A FUNCTIONAL GAME???!!?? (Jeff Weeks)
10:44:31 Re: game programmers (Jeff Weeks)
10:55:12 Re: VESA 2.0 and getch() bug? (Vik Heyndrickx)
11:30:37 Re: Rhide keyboard problem (David Jenkins)
12:17:45 Re: Mod playing routines? (William Lachance)
12:18:58 Mod playing routines? (Kenneth Paulson)
14:03:55 Re: Templates in the STL (A. Sinan Unur)
14:05:00 Re: Silly newbie question - Allegro/palletes (Chris A. Triebel)
14:17:35 Re: Diffenert OS programming To: Alan Simons <> (James Lefavour)
14:18:09 Compling GCC (Christopher Currie)
14:49:37 Re: Windows 95/DJGPP and memory (A. Sinan Unur)
14:58:35 getting c++ to work (
15:44:54 Re: BSP-Tree Engine. (jon)
15:58:09 getting C++ to work (S2200253@NICKEL.LAURENTIAN.CA)
17:03:28 Multiple-file problem (Deltaman)
17:34:48 Allegro (Paul Schmidt)
18:20:51 Allegro 3D : Sorting Polygons (Doug Johnson)
18:21:00 Problem compiling large m-files with DJGPP (FIM)
18:21:11 Re: FPU and protected mode (Yousuf Khan)
18:43:21 Very slow DJGPP on a P166 48Mb ram (FIM)
18:44:24 newbie questions about C++ (Hilaire Fernandes)
18:45:09 Re: 3d Engine - [01/01] (jon)
18:48:54 Big Programs (Paul Schmidt)
19:12:54 Allegro Question (Paul Schmidt)
19:57:54 Allegro 2.2 (Ian Pitt)
19:58:19 Re: Rhide:long command lines problem (Sean L. Palmer)
19:59:28 ENOENT? what's that? (Sean L. Palmer)
20:47:37 Re: Rhide crashes hard drive (J. Hormuzdiar)
21:57:05 Where can I find Public Domain C/C++ utilities/source? (Gautam N. Lad)
21:57:28 DLMs (Alexey Kouzmitch)
21:58:15 I got lots of answers...thanks for those nice ones (Henri Ossi)
22:01:10 Re: What?!? (MyBigMouth)
22:07:54 Re: I got lots of answers...thanks for those nice ones (A. Sinan Unur)
22:40:21 Re: DLLS (Alexey Kouzmitch)
22:46:22 Re: 3d Engine - [01/01] (Paul Peavyhouse)
22:56:29 Q: TCP programming with DJGPP? (Dennis Moran)
23:09:32 Allegro 3d question/bug? (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
23:30:46 Re: newbie questions about C++ (Erik Max Francis)
23:36:29 Re: Multiple-file problem (Andrew Crabtree)
23:40:47 Re: Compiling bits and pieces (Jose Manuel Lopez-Cepero)
23:44:55 Re: Allegro Question (Andrew Crabtree)

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