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00:11:20 Re: ASM functions returning values (Bob Babcock)
02:06:25 Re: Free Memory Indicators (Eli Zaretskii)
02:35:43 Re: dpmi server to run vimdjgpp with djgpp (Eli Zaretskii)
02:48:28 Re: Extender performance... (Eli Zaretskii)
07:54:02 Re: Using the GNU C++ library & linkage errors (Eli Zaretskii)
08:08:02 vimdjgpp ? (Lee Braiden)
09:59:47 essai (Borysiak Gregory - GusS -)
10:18:44 install.dat (Marian Arbet)
10:32:47 Re: Sword and grx20 (Eric NICOLAS)
12:21:20 djdev200 (Fabrice Frances)
12:29:21 A DOS bug that may cause trouble for djgpp users (A.Appleyard)
14:53:01 Re: Extender performance... (Mena Quintero Federico)
21:10:17 Re: DJGPP-V2 for Germany (David Haase)
21:18:41 GRX Make problem (Teng Yong Jeffrey)
21:24:20 DJGPP CONTRIB - aewin, aecur, pdcurses (Teng Yong Jeffrey)
23:19:17 Making libraries (Matt Emmett)
23:47:53 IRQ handlers.. (Cuthalion / Sliced Bread)

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