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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 1995 08:50:31 +0800 (SST)
From: Teng Yong Jeffrey <93602081 AT neptune DOT np DOT ac DOT sg>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: DJGPP CONTRIB - aewin, aecur, pdcurses

The aewin, aecur, and pdcurses
libraries downloaded from where I got DJGPP
don't seem to be able to compile.

Makefiles are available, but when I try to run make,
some error always occurs. For eg., for aewin,
I went into the contrib/windows directory, and
just simply typed 'make', but then it gave me
a whole list of errors regarding defines and all
that. I thought all of this should have been
tested before it was uploaded?

Anyway, here's the list of error messages for
make for (and I always get this
'virtual memory exhausted' problem. How come?):


gcc -O -Iinc -c src/ -o objs/basewin.o
In file included from inc/aedef.h:35,
                 from inc/w.h:22,
                 from src/
inc/aecc.h:61: declaration of C function `int atexit(void (*)(...))' conflicts
c:/gnu/include/djgppstd.h:63: previous declaration `int atexit(void (*)())' here
inc/aecc.h:61: conflicting types for `int atexit(void (*)(...))'
c:/gnu/include/djgppstd.h:63: previous declaration as `int atexit(void (*)())'
In file included from inc/w.h:30,
                 from src/
inc/viewport.h:67: virtual memory exhausted
make.exe: *** [objs/basewin.o] Error 1


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