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00:58:19 Waterloo tcp package (Francois Richard)
00:59:45 Re: Cross compiler (DJ Delorie)
02:00:43 Weekly Mini-FAQ post for DJGPP (DJ Delorie)
03:09:21 gprof (Stanford Ng)
03:58:31 LIBGRX: font usage (Isaac Kohn)
03:58:52 Graphics files/pictures with LIBGRX (Isaac Kohn)
03:58:58 Re: ATI Mach64 - graphics problem (Sam Vincent)
04:03:33 Re: Retrieving structures from the transfer buffer (Sam Vincent)
04:05:29 Re: interrupt stops being invoked (Sam Vincent)
06:01:27 Possible error in dos.h (
08:04:15 Tcl/Tk + gcc and windows (Peter Breitling)
08:06:02 Re: gprof missing from v2 Binutils (Eli Zaretskii)
10:53:40 groff 1.09 or later (
10:53:43 (no subject) (Peter Breitling)
15:04:34 DJGPP can Compile OS/2 Apps? (u800435 cs)
16:01:26 Go32.. (Arvind Mandhani)
18:04:46 GRX and V2 (Jason Hoffoss)
20:03:00 Re: GRX and V2 (Wonkoo Kim)
20:03:38 Win95 Longfilenames in V2 (Nigel Heath)

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