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Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 15:57:43 CST
From: Jason Hoffoss <hoffo002 AT gold DOT tc DOT umn DOT edu>
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu
Subject: GRX and V2

Ok, have a few questions.  I've been using GRX v103m1 for quite a while 
now, and went I originally got it, the docs said v104 was in beta testing 
or something, and soon to be released?  I have just recently looked for a 
higher version, but v103m1 is still the latest version it appears.  Is 
this correct?  If not, where is the latest version?  How do I get it?  If 
so, what happened?  Has the whole GRX library project been scrapped or 

Next, DJGPP v2..  Does it work with GRX?  I tried it, but was getting 
errors in the grx.h file.  Maybe I has things screwed up, though.  Should 
verify that something compiles that doesn't use GRX.  I need to redownload 
v2, however, since my hard drive that had it recently crashed.  Before I 
do, though, is another beta comming out soon?  If so, I'll just wait a 
little instead.  But it'll probably be a maint patch, right?  And so I 
need to get the current beta anyway.  If GRX won't work under v2, though, 
I can't see much reason to get v2 again, though.

If anyone can answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it.  I don't 
subscribe to this list, because it's too much mail for me to handle, so if 
you would, please email me any responses.  Thank you for you time.


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