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01:14:59 unsubscription request (Stephen Turnbull)
04:37:29 Re: program crashes with mouse movement? (Paul FULMEK)
05:36:58 GO32 1.12m2 potential problem (=?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCRTdLfiEhP3I8IxsoQg==?=)
10:15:20 An unexpected cure for a bug (A.Appleyard)
11:09:46 Re: Description of tools in djgpp distribution (
12:33:40 tape backup question (J. Dashiell)
14:08:51 Re: Description of tools in djgpp distribution (Charles Sandmann)
14:41:14 K and k (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
15:15:36 djgpp with 80386sx (Donald R. Harter Jr.)
15:48:56 djgpp with 80386sx (Stucky, Mark B.)
19:47:53 Re: djgpp with 80386sx (Aaron Ucko)
20:20:36 Re: tape backup question (Aaron Ucko)
20:46:43 Re: djgpp with 80386sx (Cuthalion / Sliced Bread)
22:05:17 Re: djgpp with 80386sx (
22:20:36 K and k (Stephen Turnbull)
23:47:35 Re: K and k (Aaron Ucko)

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