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04:05:32 Insufficient memory w/ QDPMI & djgpp? (Gary Hanson)
05:58:07 Re: problem of -g args in gcc (Paul Harness)
06:58:35 Re: Insufficient memory w/ QDPMI & djgpp? (
09:10:16 Re: libgrx and keyboard events (Antonio Carlos Moreirao de Queiroz)
11:23:47 subscribe (Andrew Appel)
13:35:52 Real Mode Interrupts (Craig Peeper)
13:48:03 Help with djgpp 1.11 build (
13:59:47 GCC 2.6.6 for DJGPP (Grzegorz B. Mazur)
14:08:58 where do I find .9 dpmi spec? (Marty Leisner)
15:50:15 _go32_was_crtl_break_hit() (David Ronis)
19:56:32 DFAULT in errno.h (Roger H. Kou)
21:14:37 Compilation Speed and Windows Dos Shell (Mr WT Wong)
22:02:18 do-nothings. (Kimberley Burchett)

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