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20:02:45 DJGPP Version 1.07 in U.K.? (John Fletcher)
20:05:12 DV/X and GCC 1.07 (Wayne D. Young)
21:03:53 djgpp 1.08 requests (DJ Delorie)
21:05:22 Two tips, question about gprof (DJ Delorie)
21:06:43 Re: desqview, gcc1.07, emacs (Bob Babcock)
21:08:00 Exceptions and go32 (DJ Delorie)
21:09:23 patch for go32 1.07 (Dieter Buerssner)
21:11:48 Video modes and some distribution questions (DJ Delorie)
22:03:38 Re: fc2 (Hassan Saleh)

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