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Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1992 6:50:03 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: DV/X and GCC 1.07
To: djgpp AT sun DOT soe DOT clarkson DOT edu

Hi.  This is the second time I've posted this.  I don't know if it made
it through the first time... our mail has been real quirky that last 2pl
of days.

Here goes.  I am running DV/x and I have been trying to get gcc 1.07 compiled
programs to run in DV/x.  Here's what is happening:
1)  If I run a gcc compiled program, the program runs for a short time,
(2 - 10 seconds) then the machine locks tight.  Sometimes is will warmboot,
but mostly I have to coldboot.
2)  So I thought... well maybe its _my_ program.  I tried running just 
gcc.exe at the command line.  That locks up occasionally.  
3)  Then I set the dv/x protection level to 2 (and sometimes 3) and I 
got the following error:

Protection violation attempted by program at address 28DF:3BE6.
The program attempted to write into memory location
B000:0000, which is outside the program's memory space.

I assumed that is was GCC causing this error.  I may be wrong.  I changed 
my color server from 16 to 256 colors, thinking this could be the
problem.  Well, it still locks up, but QEMM is able to get the error
to the screen.  This is what I get:
DOS/16M:  [35] General Protection Fault
at 00E8:764C in XC16.EXE  <--- this is my 256 color window server
code = FC5C  ss = 0288  ds = 0288  es = 02A0 
ax = 000  <--- it stops here... it can't quite finish displaying register

I think B000 above is in graphics memory.  But I'm not sure.  I just checked
manifest, and it reports address B000 - B31A in use by QEMM.
I had excluded this area using QEMM, still locks up.

Anyway, if you have any insight, please e-mail me. (or the list)
I'm trying to work on a thesis, and I _really_ need to get this
program running under DV/X. 

Thank you,

Wayne D. Young
z_youngwd AT ccsvax DOT sfasu DOT edu

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