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From: khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu (Mumit Khan)
Subject: Re: DLL init patch for loading cygwin DLL from MSVC app
28 Oct 1998 18:44:29 -0800 :
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To: Geoffrey Noer <noer AT cygnus DOT com>
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On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Geoffrey Noer wrote:

> Scanning it quickly, it looks pretty good to me, but I want to take a
> much closer look.  In terms of including anything more in b20, it's
> getting awfully late but this particular patch does look safe in that
> the downside is small since the new code only gets invoked in a
> situation which never should occur for Cygwin apps using a Cygwin DLL.
> So I will try to include it in B20 unless problems with it are brought
> to my attention soon.

Actually, cgf just pointed that there's too much copying of code,
and I'm trying out a 3-line patch right now. I'll resubmit when I've
rebuilt and tested it.

Something like the following:
  dll_dllcrt0 (HMODULE h, per_process *p)
    if (user_data == NULL)
      dll_crt0 (p);
    return _the.recordDll (h, p);

which, if it works (I was getting segfaults, but I had other changes
that I've backed out since which could've been causing this), should
be completely safe.

> Finally, I did get your assignment via fax.  I'm assuming you've
> already sent off the actual signed hard copy?

It's on its way.


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