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"The version for /gEDA/ and |gnetlist| is frozen. It is tagged here
<> as

When opening Test.sch from your BBAmp tutorial:
> The following options are present in your configuration:
>   traverse-hierarchy (in
> /home/glenn/temp/gnet-spice-noqsi-geda-gaf-release-2/tutorial/BBamp/Simulation/geda.conf)
> These options were introduced in gEDA/gaf 1.9.1 as a replacement for
> the corresponding gnetlistrc options but were removed again in
> gEDA/gaf 1.10.0. The current version of gnetlist uses gnetlistrc
> options instead:
>   (hierarchy-traversal "disabled")
> Please make sure to update your configuration as the options currently
> set won't have the desired effect.


John Doty wrote:
>> Any opinions from people who use SPICE?
> From the ngspice manual:
> "you may place a .TITLE <any title> line anywhere in your input deck.
> The first line of your input deck will be overridden by the contents
> of this line following the .TITLE statement.”
> This means that no special feature is required of a SPICE netlister
> here: all the gEDA SPICE netlisters have ways to insert arbitrary
> SPICE directives into the deck. I’m not a fan of adding special
> features that duplicate general capabilities.
>> What bothers me is the usage of the "comment=" attribute:
> I think that attributes specialized to a particular netlist format
> should use names unique to the format going forward. For spice-noqsi,
> there are spice-prolog=, spice-epilog= and spice-prototype=. Legacy
> attributes like file= are, of course, difficult to replace.
> John Doty              Noqsi Aerospace, Ltd.
> jpd AT noqsi DOT com <mailto:jpd AT noqsi DOT com>

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