Desk Design

The concept behind this desk is "modular pedestal corner desk". Designed to be a highly usable workspace for a technical computer user, it incorporates ideas from a number of sources:

The top is a solid surface, made of three interlocking panels (each wing, and the corner) abutting the grain at 45 degree angles along a 22.5 degree seam. The corner span is supported by a braced leg in the back corner and an arched span across its width. Height from floor to top of desk surface: 29". Depth of desk surface: 30".

The back edge of the top has a cable management system. This is a narrow channel that runs along the back edge, with access holes at intervals. These holes are spaced every four inches, so that modules needing cables can line up their holes with them. The channel will be deep enough to hold a long power strip. Internal depth: 5.5in, width: 4in.

The cable system carries 120v power, ethernet, usb, A/V - the usual stuff. There may be a 12v supply available to the modules for powering cooling fans. Not sure how to do that yet ;-)

The modular pedestal system works like this: Each wing has a row of threaded inserts every four inches near the front edge. Every pedestal module is just less than a multiple of 4 inches wide, but they're all the same depth and height. Modules have two or more holes for machine screws along the top near the back, and slots (the top expands and contracts) near the front, such that the modules can be attached to the top. The holes end up being two inches from each side. So, you could have an 8" module for holding DVDs, a 16" module for hanging folders, a 12" module for shelves or drawers, 24" keyboard shelf, etc.

Modules use 1/2 inch cabinet grade plywood for sides - every module uses exactly the same size/shape piece, so only two patterns (left and right sides) are needed. Modules have a bottom and back panel for rigidity, but only cross braces for top and a face frame for the front. Not sure what to do about trim along the floor yet. Having each module provide its own trim allows for roll-out modules.

Module ideas:

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