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Delorie Software provides a number of free services to the web community to assist web authors who wish to make their information available to the largest audience. These tools provide alternate ways of viewing your pages, so that you can ensure that your content is received properly by all viewers.

Lynx Viewer
See how this browser views your page
Search Engine Simulator
See what the search engines see
Web Page Purifier
Restricts your HTML to published standards
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
See what your page looks like without support for various features
HTTP Header Viewer
Make sure your server is sending the correct MIME headers for your files.
HTTP Request Viewer
Find out exactly what your browser is sending to my server.

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Other Web Stuff

The Delorie Counter
A web page access counter
The Delorie Password Manager
Light weight web user manager
Lynx for MS-DOS
It's moved to
Server Goodies
Other stuff I've written to make my server work
download here
download here

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