The Ace of Penguins


Copyright 1998 by DJ Delorie

Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see for details.

If you enjoy this game, please send a donation (any size) to DJ Delorie. See for details.


The Goal

The goal of taipei is to remove all the tiles. Every game can be won - there is no such thing as "losing" at Taipei. Either you remove all the tiles, or you give up before you figure it out.

My personal goal is to make money and have fun! :-)


How to Play

You remove tiles two at a time. You may only select tiles that are "free" - they have no other tiles on top of them, and at least one side (left or right) has no adjacent tiles(*). Just click on the two tiles to remove them. When you click on one tile, it is inverted. Click it again to un-select it.

You must always pick two tiles that have the same picture on them (i.e. one Four of Bevels and another Four of Bevels), except for the Colors and the Directions. For those tiles, you may pick any two Colors (i.e. Red and Blue), or any two Directions (i.e. Up and Left).

The lower left corner displays the number of tiles remaining, and the number of tiles currently able to be removed. If the first number reaches zero, you win. If the second number reaches zero before you win, you are stuck - use the backspace key to back up and try different tiles.

(*) Note that "adjacent" only means on that layer; tiles on other layers (above or below) don't count.


The Numbers
The Pixels
The Bevels
The Colors
The Directions
The Suits
The Penguins


Using the Keyboard

The number keys 1..9 select one of the built-in tile layouts (standard, bridge, castle, cube, glyph, pyramid, spiral, simple, and smiley, respectively). If you specified a file name (made by tpe) on the command line, the 0 key selects that layout.

The R and J keys select special layout that my children (Rebecca and Jason) use to learn how to play. These layouts do not guarantee four of each type of tile, but they teach the kids how to use the mouse and match the tiles.

The q Esc and Ctrl-C keys quit the game. The F2 key restarts the game. The F1 key shows this help.

When viewing help, the space bar, F1 or Esc return you to your game. Numbers show that section (0 for any pre-header section). Letters show section starting with that letter.



This program is Copyright 1998 by DJ Delorie

The Ace of Penguins system was written by me, DJ Delorie, so that my wife Pat could play her favorite Windows 95 games on my Linux laptop. She gets credit for hours of testing ;-)

Many thanks to the SGI, Linux, and GNU developers, for the tools and systems I use.

Special thanks to Rebecca, for showing that test2 was a useful program.