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Here's a bunch of stuff that I wrote for my own use. If you want to try them, please help yourself. If you find them useful, please make a donation to reward my efforts and to encourage me to write more.

GPL Linux X The Ace of Penguins

The Ace of Penguins is a set of Unix/X solitaire games based on the ones available for Windows(tm) (freecell, golf, minesweeper, pegged, solitaire, and taipei) but with a number of enhancements that my wife says make my versions better :-) 2012-Mar-24

GPL Windows X Hex Calculator

A small (137x174 pixels!) TI Programmer II semi-clone for Unix/X11 and Windows 95/NT. It doesn't take up much space, and supports decimal, hex, binary, and octal modes. 2004-Aug-23


No payment is required in exchange for the downloading and/or use of these packages unless specified otherwise. However, please send me a token donation if you like these packages and continue to use them; the money will help keep me programming! Even a few dollars would help - isn't the software worth at least that much to you? Please, though, US funds only.


There is no gratuitous support for these packages. If you would like to contribute to them (write documentation or new features, report or fix bugs), please feel free to send me email. If you need help or have questions, there is a US$5 fee per question (note: I can't guarantee answers) that must be paid before I'll answer your question. Bulk rates are available. Note: the reason I must insist on this is because writing software is fun, but answering support email is not. I'm willing to share the code for free because it doesn't cost me any time, but answering email does, and I have more enjoyable things to do with my time. Sorry, but those are the cold hard facts of life.

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