This is a simple interface to the mailing list services at Please make sure your e-mail address is correctly filled in, and that you select the group and action you want, before submitting this form. When checking to see if you are subscribed, you are allowed to give only part of your address, if you're not sure who you are subscribed as. Help on using the listserv is available.

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Note: The "add" option is no longer supported here due to abuse. You may only add yourself to the list, and you must send mail to to do so. Use the "Get information about the list" option below to find out the name of each list.

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To add yourself to a list, you must send email to like this (replace "djgpp" with the list you choose):


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Use the "get information about the list" option above to help you choose a list and find out its subscription name.

Note: lists that are marked "members only" will not accept messages from any email address that isn't a subscriber to at least one of my lists. You'll get a bounce message explaining what happened. If you wish to send mail from a different account than the one you are subscribed as, simply add your sending account to the "members" email list, which will let you post to any other list (mail cannot be sent to the "members" list so this is safe).

If all else fails..

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