DJGPP Zip File Picker

This page helps you decide which ZIP files you need to download based on what kinds of tasks you are trying to do.

Note that this service covers those packages that are most popular. Not all DJGPP packages are included. If you want to download more than this service covers, simply visit the FTP site and choose the extra packages you want (they're in the v2* directories). Look for files called 00_index.txt in each directory to get descriptions of all the packages in that directory.

FTP Site

Select a suitable FTP site:

Basic Functionality

Pick one of the following:
Which operating system will you be using?
Do you want to be able to read the on-line documentation? (note: rhide and emacs include online help viewers)
Which programming languages will you be using?
Objective C
Bison (yacc clone)
Flex (lex clone)

Integrated Development Environments and Tools

Which IDE(s) would you like?
RHIDE, similar to Borland's IDE, including a built-in editor and debugger.
Emacs, a very powerful and complex text editor with lots of built-in functions (available for Unix and NT also).
Emacs, but without all the extra functionality that I'll probably never use (saves 4.1Mb).

Would you like gdb, the text-mode GNU debugger? You don't need it if you get RHIDE.

Extra Stuff

Please check off each extra thing that you want.
"Pakke" DJGPP Installer System
Sources for everything you download
Extra documentation formats (texi, dvi, html, ps)

Allegro - game graphics/sound/keyboard
GRX - Graphics Library (points, lines, etc, includes BCCtoGRX for porting Borland Graphics programs)
Unix Curses Emulator

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