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6.8 Compiler hangs, but only when invoked from Make

Q: My compiles run OK from the command line, but hang or crash when I invoke the compiler from Make.

Q: When I try to compile something, I get a message "16-bit DPMI not supported".

A: Be sure you aren't inadvertently invoking some 16-bit programs, such as Borland's Make or cpp.exe from Borland C. GCC cannot run them, and cannot run under Borland's Make (because Borland's programs are 16-bit DPMI clients, and the DPMI 0.9 spec doesn't allow mixing them with 32-bit DPMI clients such as the DJGPP programs). It might be that another program called make.exe or cpp.exe is found earlier on your PATH than the Make and the preprocessor which came with DJGPP. Moving DJGPP's bin directory to the beginning of your PATH will usually solve these problems.

Note that if you try to mix 16-bit and 32-bit DPMI clients in Windows DOS box (like use Borland's Make to run GCC, or invoking Borland's cpp.exe under GCC), the DOS box will usually crash. So this problem is not specific to CWSDPMI.

If you must use a non-DJGPP compiler or another utility together with DJGPP programs, one solution would be to find a version of that utility that doesn't use the 16-bit DPMI services. For example, many DOS compilers have a real-mode version that won't conflict with DJGPP.

If you use Make compiled under DJGPP v1.x, you will also experience all kinds of trouble when invoking programs compiled under DJGPP v2. That's because v1.x programs cannot spawn v2 programs directly (the v1.x program sees that the child is a DJGPP program and tries to call go32 to run it, but v1's go32 cannot run v2 programs). The result usually will be that the child either crashes or silently exits. If that's your problem, be sure to upgrade your Make to the port distributed with v2. (Note that v2.x programs generally know how to spawn both v1.x and v2.x programs.) You can use go32-v2 to work around this limitation (see description of go32-v2, below), but I suggest doing that only if you absolutely cannot upgrade to v2's Make.

Some users report that v1.x programs might sometimes hang or reboot the machine when invoked from v2.x Make. The reason for this is a known bug in the versions of go32-v2.exe program distributed with DJGPP v2.0 and 2.01: it would not restore the keyboard handler after the COFF image it runs exits. To work around that bug, don't touch the keyboard throughout the entire run of Make; to solve it, upgrade.

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