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4.3 What if I don't know what FTP is?

Q: What is that FTP thing? I only use Netscape and IE4 for Internet access.

A: The SimTel.NET site is on the Web.

You can also convert any of the mirrors' addresses listed in the list of SimTel.NET mirrors, above to a valid URL by prepending ftp:// to it. For example, the URL for FTP from SimTel.NET is <ftp.simtel.net/pub/simtelnet/gnu/djgpp/>. Typing such a URL into your Web browser will cause it to display the directory contents, and you can then click on individual files to download them.

For those of you who only have an e-mail connection to the Internet, there is an ftp-mail server at <mailto:ftpmail@pub1.bryant.vix.com>. Send a message with a single word "help" in the body to the above address, to get instructions.

Walnut Creek, the company which maintains the SimTel.NET collection where the DJGPP archives are held, also sells a DJGPP Development System CDROM. It includes everything from the DJGPP sites on SimTel.NET (even the old version 1.12 of DJGPP), some example source code packages to get you started, and a ready-to-run feature, which allows you to use DJGPP directly from the CDROM; you can also use a provided install program to copy some or all of the packages to your hard disk. To order the CDROM, go to the Walnut Creek Web site.

The FSF, the organization behind the GNU project, sells a CD-ROM with a full DJGPP development environment and most of the DJGPP ports of GNU software. For details, see the FSF Web site. Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET), himself a veteran DJGPP user and developer, sells a low-cost CDROM with all the DJGPP v2 files, plus a lot of related stuff downloaded from the net. For information, send email to set-soft@usa.net.

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