Values for APPC/PC error code:
 0001h	bad TP ID
 0002h	bad conversation ID
 0004h	allocation error, no retry
 0005h	allocation error, retry
 0006h	data area crosses segment boundary
 0010h	bad TPN length
 0011h	bad CONV length
 0012h	bad SYNC level
 0013h	bad security selection
 0014h	bad return control
 0015h	SEC_TOKENS too big
 0016h	PIP_LEN incorrect
 0017h	no use of SNASVCMG
 0018h	unknown partner mode
 0031h	confirm: SYNC_NONE
 0032h	confirm: bad state
 0033h	confirm: NOT_LL_BDY
 0041h	confirmed: bad state
 0051h	deallocate: bad type
 0052h	deallocate: flush bad state
 0053h	deallocate: confirm bad state
 0055h	deallocate: NOT_LL_BDY
 0057h	deallocate: log LL_WRONG
 0061h	flush: not send state
 0091h	post on receipt: invalid length
 0092h	post on receipt: not in receive state
 0093h	post on receipt: bad fill
 00A1h	prepare to receive:invalid type
 00A2h	prepare to receive: unfinished LL
 00A3h	prepare to receive: not in send state
 00B1h	receive and wait: bad state
 00B2h	receive and wait: NOT_LL_BDY
 00B5h	receive and wait: bad fill
 00C1h	receive immediate: not in receive state
 00C4h	receive immediate: bad fill
 00E1h	request to send: not in receive state
 00F1h	send data: bad LL
 00F2h	send data: not in send state
 0102h	send error: log LL wrong
 0103h	send error: bad type
 0121h	test: invalid type
 0122h	test: not in receive state