Format of CAPI v2.0 interrupt handler entry point:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  2 BYTEs	short jump to actual start of interrupt handler, immediately
		  following this data block (EBh 0Fh)
 02h	DWORD	address of next handler in chain
 06h	WORD	signature 424Bh
 08h	BYTE	EOI flag (80h)
		80h primary hardware interrupt handler (will issue EOI)
 09h  2 BYTEs	reserved (0)
		(is short jump to hardware reset routine in ISP header)
 0Bh  4 BYTEs	signature "CAPI"
 0Fh  2 BYTEs	two-digit CAPI version number in ASCII ('20')
SeeAlso: #02568 at INT 2D