Values for NetBIOS status:
 00h	successful
 01h	bad buffer size
 03h	invalid NETBIOS command
 05h	timeout
 06h	receive buffer too small
 07h	No-ACK command failed
 08h	bad session number
 09h	LAN card out of memory
 0Ah	session closed
 0Bh	command has been cancelled
 0Dh	name already exists
 0Eh	local name table full
 0Fh	name still in use, can't delete
 11h	local session table full
 12h	remote PC not listening
 13h	bad NCB_NUM field
 14h	no answer to CALL or no such remote
 15h	name not in local name table
 16h	duplicate name
 17h	bad delete
 18h	abnormal end
 19h	name error, multiple identical names in use
 1Ah	bad packet
 21h	network card busy
 22h	too many commands queued
 23h	bad LAN card number
 24h	command finished while cancelling
 26h	command can't be cancelled
 30h	name defined by another process (OS/2)
 34h	NetBIOS environment not defined, must issue reset (OS/2)
 35h	required operating system resources exhausted (OS/2)
 36h	maximum applications exceeded (OS/2)
 37h	no SAPs available for NetBIOS (OS/2)
 38h	requested resources not available (OS/2)
 40h	Lana System Error
 41h	Lana Remote Hot Carrier
 42h	Lana Local Hot Carrier
 43h	Lana No Carrier Detected
 44h	unusual network condition
 45h-4Dh hardware error
 4Eh	token ring is broken
 4Fh	token ring error
 50h	adapter malfunction
 F7h	error in explicit INITIALIZE
 F8h	error in implicit OPEN
 F9h	TOKREUI internal error
 FAh	hardware adapter testing
 FBh	NetBIOS emulator not found
 FCh	OPEN or OPEN_SAP failure
 FDh	unexpected adapter closure
 FFh	NetBIOS busy (command pending)