Category: vendor-specific BIOS extensions

INT 5A - TI Professional PC - SYSTEM TIMER 100ms HOOK

Desc:	called from the hardware timer tick interrupt, after executing the
	  first four BIOS timing events, updating the system clock, saving
	  registers, and switching to a temporary stack (the one reserved
	  for IRQ3), but before calling INT 58
	no details available
Notes:	this interrupt is invoked on every fourth timer interrupt
	the handler for this interrupt may destroy AX,BX,DI,ES but must
	  preserve all other registers; 8 WORDs of stack space are available,
	  of which at most 4 may be used if the handler enables interrupts
	if the handler switches stacks (because more than 4/8 WORDs are
	  required), the original stack must be restored before chaining to
	  the previous handler
SeeAlso: INT 43"TI Professional",INT 4C"TI Professional"
SeeAlso: INT 58"TI Professional"