Category: video

INT 42 - Toshiba laptops - GET DISPLAY STATUS

	AX = 7503h
Return: AX = 7575h if supported
	CX = 0001h if supported
	BH = display type (00h color, 03h monochrome)
	BL = display state
	    01h internal LCD display is active
	    02h external VGA display is active
	    03h both displays active / DeskStation display mode enabled
		(not possible on all machines)
Note:	used by VCHAD.EXE and supported by all Toshiba VGA laptops until about
	  1994 (string "TOSHIBA " at F000:E010h should be checked before call)
	no longer supported by T21xx series, use INT 10/AX=5F50h instead
	INT 42 normally points to F000:F065h but may be redirected by QEMM386
SeeAlso: AX=7500h,AX=7504h,INT 10/AX=5F50h,INT 15/AH=C0h