Category: network

INT 7C - SK-UPPS Data Link Interface API - DLI 2.8+ - DRIVER I/O CONTROL

	AX = 0016h
	DX = subfunction; bits 14-15 specify direction of I/O:
		00 no data at all (ES:BX undefined)
		01 driver -> application (GET)
		10 application -> driver (SET)
		11 both directions (GET/SET)
	ES:BX -> I/O buffer (optional)
	CX = size of buffer (if ES:BX valid)
Return: AX = completion code; defined by OEM
Program: SK-UPPS is the Schneider & Koch Universal Portable Protocol Stack,
	  which provides an API on top of its Data Link Interface, allowing the
	  use of any of several network transport layers
Notes:	not supported by all DLIs (will return AX=FFFFh if not supported)
	subfunction codes are defined by OEMs
SeeAlso: AX=0001h