Category: network

INT 60 - Excelan LAN Workplace for DOS 3.5 - API

	ES:BX -> request packet (see #03272)
Return: request packet updated
InstallCheck:	test for the WORD 4142h ('AB') immediately preceding the
	  interrupt handler
Note:	this interrupt is also supported by Beame&Whiteside's BWLWP35 shim,
	  which was used in creating this description
BUG:	because BWLWP35 range-checks only the low byte of the function number,
	  and has a fencepost error even in that test, functions 000Bh and
	  XX01h-XX0Bh (XX nonzero) branch to random locations
SeeAlso: INT 2F/AX=7A40h