Category: network


	AX = 1127h
	BX = 4E57h ('NW') (signature identifying this as a NetWare call)
	SI = source file handle
	DI = destination file handle
	DX:CX = number of bytes to copy, starting at current file position
Return: CF clear if successful
	CF set on error
	    AX = error code (05h,06h,0Bh,11h,3Bh) (see #01680)
	DX:CX = number of bytes successfully copied (file position updated)
Notes:	this is the only call which may be made directly to the NetWare
	  redirector from an application
	COMMAND.COM's COPY and DOS's XCOPY reportedly call INT 21/AX=1127h in
	  order to speed up copies between files on the same network server;
	  if error code 11h (not same device) is returned, the copy is
	  performed in the usual manner.  However, no such calls appear to
	  be present in MS-DOS 6.22.
	From the DR DOS "Panther" BETA COMMAND.COM (1992/06/22) up to some of
	  the Novell DOS 7 COMMAND.COM updates (1994/09/12), the shell made
	  calls to INT 2F/AX=11F0h to attempt "remote server COPYing". However,
	  this was removed from later releases of the shell because it stopped
	  Performance Technologies' PowerLAN 3.1 working. (A successor of
	  the DR-DOS 7.03 COMMAND.COM may possibly reintroduce this remote
	  copy feature.	 Probably it would then try both INT 2F/AX=1127h and
	  INT 2F/AX=11F0h.)
SeeAlso: INT 2F/AX=11F0h