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	AH = 00h
	DS:SI -> password or a null byte
Return: AX = return code
	    FFFEh password is invalid
	    FFFDh display mode is invalid
	    else successful
		ES = value of the monitor register SE
		DI = value of the monitor register OF
		CH = monitor color
		CL = interpreter color
		BH = monitor start line
		BL = interpreter start line
		AH = makecode of the hotkey
		AL = ASCII code of the hotkey
		DL = status of special keys (only SHIFT, ALT, CTRL) for the
		      hotkey (coded as for the keyboard flag at 0040h:0017h)
		DH = basic process number for the communication with drivers
		      process number for the display driver, DH+1 = process
		      number for the command driver(s)
	DS:SI -> MDEBUG identification table (see #03304)
Program: MDEBUG is a shareware memory-resident debugging tool by Bernd
	  Schemmer, including a memory monitor, an interpreter, and a
Notes:	MDEBUG uses INT 60 by default, but may be directed to any of INT 60
	  through INT 67; the interrupt handler is preceded by the signature
	  "USERINT" and is not chained
	if DS:SI points at a null byte, MDEBUG will prompt for a password if
	  passwords are active; enough stack space must be provided for an
	  INT 10h call (which MDEBUG uses while prompting for the password)
SeeAlso: AH=02h"MDEBUG"
Index:	hotkeys;MDEBUG