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INT 7C - SK-UPPS/SK-PASSPORT Data Link Interface (DLI) API

Program: SK-UPPS is the Schneider & Koch Universal Portable Protocol Stack,
	  which provides an API on top of it Data Link Interface, allowing the
	  use of any of several network transport layers; this product is
	  called SK-PASSPORT in the USA.
InstallCheck:	test for the ASCII signature string "UPPS_DLI" immediately
	  preceding the interrupt handler
Notes:	To find the service interrupt being used by the driver, an application
	  should scan through the interrupt table until it finds an interrupt
	  vector with the "UPPS_DLI" string.
	There may be more than one DLI loaded, each having its own service
SeeAlso: AX=0000h,AX=0002h,AX=000Fh
Index:	installation check;SK-UPPS