Category: printer enhancements

INT 7C - PRINDIR v8.02-8.xx - API

	AH = function
	   00h set output to Invisible mode
	   01h set output to LPT1
	   02h set output to LPT2
	   03h set output to LPT3
	   04h set output to COM1
	   05h set output to COM2
	   06h set output to COM3
	   07h set output to COM4
	   08h set output to screen
	   09h set output to file
	   0Ah change file path
	       ES:DI -> new path
	       CX = length of path (max 41, but not range-checked)
	   0Bh change file name
	       ES:DI -> new filename
	       CX = length of new name (max 41, but not range-checked)
	   0Ch set redirected device
		(01h = LPT1 ... 03h = LPT3, 04h = COM1 ... 07h = COM4)
	   0Dh force buffer dump
	   0Eh set display color
	       AL = new color attribute (see #00014 at INT 10/AH=08h)
	   0Fh set popup hotkey
	       AL = hotkey scancode
	   10h toggle byte display
	       AL = new state (00h off, 01h on)
	   11h change buffer flush delay
	       AL = timer ticks before flush
Return: AX = status
	    0000h successful
	    0001h invalid function or nothing in buffer to be dumped
	    (documented as "nonzero = error")
Program: PRINDIR is a shareware printer-redirection program by J.M. Allen
InstallCheck:	test for the ASCIZ signature "PRINDIR N.NN" (where N.NN is the
	  version number) two bytes beyond the start of the interrupt handler
Note:	prior versions of PRINDIR used INT 7A instead of INT 7C
Index:	hotkeys;PRINDIR