Category: sound/speech


	AX = function
	--- digital functions ---
	    0000h start digital
		ES:DI -> Sound Structure
		Return: AX = voice used
	    0001h play next buffer
		ES:DI -> Sound Structure
	    0002h set panning
		BX = pan
		CX = voice
	    0003h set volume
		BX = volume
		CX = voice
	    0004h set rate (not yet implemented)
	    0005h pause digital
		CX = voice
	    0006h restart digital
		CX = voice
	    0007h stop digital
		CX = voice
	    0008h get digital position
		CX = voice
		Return: AX:DX -> position in PC buffer
	    0009h get voice status (not yet implemented)
	--- MIDI functions ---
	    000Ah load MIDI patches
		ES:DI -> MIDI track just after the Mtrk header
		BX:DX = length of MIDI track
	    000Bh load XMIDI patches
		ES:DI -> event buffer including the EVNT header
	    000Ch load patch
		CX = MIDI number of patch
	    000Dh unload patch
		CX = MIDI number of patch
	    000Eh start sequence
	    000Fh unload all patches
	    0010h MIDI out byte
		CX = MIDI byte
	    0011h MIDI out string
		CX = length
		ES:DI -> string of MIDI data
	    0012h all notes off
	--- resource functions ---
	    0013h allocate memory
		BX:DX = size of GUS memory needed
		Return: AX:DX = address of memory, or 0000:0000 if not avaiable
	    0014h free memory
		BX:DX = address of memory to be freed
	    0015h uninstall
	    0016h sem enter
	    0017h sem leave
	    0018h add external semaphore
		BX:DX -> external semaphore
	    0019h clear external semaphore
		BX:DX -> external semaphore
	    001Ah application start
	    001Bh application end
	--- v1.12 ---
	    001Ch ???
	    001Dh ???
	    001Eh ???
	    001Fh ???
Program: UltraMid is a TSR from Advanced Gravis to play MIDI and digital data
	   through the Gravis UltraSound (GUS)
InstallCheck:	test for the signature "ULTRAMID" at offset 0103h in the
	  interrupt handler's segment
Range:	INT 78 to INT 7F
Index:	uninstall;UltraMID