Category: TSR libraries


	AL = 03h
	AH = multiplex number for program
Return: AL = status
	    00h not implemented or TSR is not a pop-up
	    01h can not pop up at this time, try again later
	    02h can not pop up yet, will do so when able
	    03h already popped up
	    04h unable to pop up, user intervention required
		BX = standard reason code
		    0000h unknown failure
		    0001h interrupt chain passes through memory
			  which must be swapped out to pop up
		    0002h swap-in failed
		CX = application's reason code if nonzero
	    FFh TSR popped up and was exited by user
		BX = return value
		    0000h no return value
		    0001h TSR unloaded
		    0002h-00FFh reserved
		    0100h-FFFFh application-dependent
Note:	this function is not valid unless a program is installed on the
	  specified multiplex number; use INT 2D/AL=00h to check
SeeAlso: INT 2D/AL=00h,INT 2D/AL=01h,INT 2D/AL=02h,INT 2D/AL=04h,INT 2D/AL=05h
SeeAlso: INT 2D/AL=06h