Category: DOS kernel

INT 26 - DOS 3.31+ - ABSOLUTE DISK WRITE (32M-2047M hard-disk partition)

	AL = drive number (0=A, 1=B, etc)
	DS:BX -> disk write packet (see #02552)
Return: CF clear if successful
	CF set on error
	    AH = status (see #02547)
	    AL = error code (same as passed to INT 24 in DI)
	may destroy all other registers except segment registers
Notes:	partition is potentially >32M (and requires this form of the call) if
	  bit 1 of the device attribute word in the device driver is set
	original flags are left on stack, and must be removed by caller
	this call bypasses the DOS filesystem, though DOS 5+ invalidates any
	  disk buffers referencing sectors which are written with this call
	for FAT32 drives (which may be up to 2TB in size), use INT 21/AX=7305h
	Windows98 will display an error message and deliberately hang the
	  system on attempted write to any hard disk if neither bit 7 of the
	  Extended Drive Info byte nor bit 6 of "DOS_FLAG" (List-of-Lists+60h)
	  is set
SeeAlso: INT 13/AH=03h,INT 25/CX=FFFFh,INT 26,INT 21/AX=7305h