Category: DOS extenders

INT 78 - UofSalford DBOS DOS extender - API

	AH = function
	    00h (PB) display 32-bit memory specified by command argument
	    01h (PT) display 32-bit instruction(s) specified by command arg
	    02h specify offset to subsequent PB and PT commands
	    03h switch to protected mode
		DWORD following INT instruction point to map; protected-mode
			  entry point is immediately following the DWORD
		Return: never
		Note:	if bit 31 of the map address is set, only a stub was
			  loaded by DOS and DBOS will load the entire program
	    04h specify that subsequent load (AH=03h) should leave program in
	    05h release program from memory
	    06h set break point at address and option count from commandline
	    07h resume program execution
	    08h single-step program
	    09h set read/write breakpoint using 386 debug registers
	    0Ah set write breakpoint using 386 debug register
	    0Bh set memory byte to new value
	    0Ch display CPU registers
	    0Dh run until specified program address reached
	    0Fh print trace from program map
	    10h specify an offset using a map symbol
	    14h print memory without any offset
	    18h switch DBOS into/out of test mode (ON/OFF commandline args)
	    1Dh get address of real/protected-mode communication buffer
		Return: ES:BP -> comm buffer
	    1Eh set real-mode memory size (specify how much real-mode memory
		  to leave free when running FTN77 programs)
	    22h uninstall DBOS
	    24h force DBOS to emulate coprocessor instructions
	    26h set named DBOS switches from commandline
	    27h reset named DBOS switched from commandline
	    2Ah set list of dynamic link libraries to contents of commandline
	    35h specify that subsequent load (AH=03h) should stop at first
Return: ???
Notes:	DBOS supports functions 00h through 50h; many of these functions
	  provide a low-level debugging interface
	command arguments are read from the calling program's PSP
SeeAlso: INT 79"DBOS"
Index:	uninstall;DBOS DOS extender