Category: TSR libraries


	AH = multiplex number
	AL = function
	    00h installation check
	    01h get private entry point
	    02h uninstall
	    03h request popup
	    04h determine chained interrupts
	    05h get hotkey list
	    06h get device-driver information
	    07h-0Fh reserved for future enhancements
		Return: AL = 00h (not implemented)
	    other  application-dependent
	other registers vary by function (also see individual entries below)
Return: varies by function
Notes:	programs should not use fixed multiplex numbers; rather, a program
	  should scan all multiplex numbers from 00h to FFh, remembering the
	  first unused multiplex in case the program is not yet installed.
	  For multiplex numbers which are in use, the program should compare
	  the first 16 bytes of the signature string to determine whether it
	  is already installed on that multiplex number.  If not previously
	  installed, it should use the first free multiplex number.
	functions other than 00h are not valid unless a program is installed
	  on the selected multiplex number
	to be considered fully compliant with version 3.6 of the specification,
	  programs must implement at least functions 00h, 02h (no resident
	  uninstall code required), and 04h (return value 04h).	 TSRs that
	  provide hotkeys with which the user can activate them must also
	  implement function 05h.  TSRs which provide DOS device drivers must
	  also implement function 06h.	The absolute minimum fully-compliant
	  implementation has an overhead of 64 bytes (80 bytes with function
	  05h) plus 22 bytes per hooked interrupt (for the interrupt sharing
	  protocol header and hook list entry).
	the signature string and description may be used by memory mappers
	  to display the installed programs
	to be considered fully compliant, users of this specification must
	  adhere to the IBM interrupt sharing protocol (see #02568), which will
	  permit removal of TSRs in arbitrary order and interrupt handler
	  reordering.  All TSRs following this specification should be
	  removable unless they are loaded from CONFIG.SYS, though they need
	  not keep the code for removing themselves resident; it is acceptable
	  for a separate program to perform the interrupt unhooking and
	  memory-freeing steps of removal.
	A sample public-domain implementation including example TSRs and
	  utility programs may be found in a separate package distributed as
	  AMISLnnn.ZIP (AMISL092.ZIP as of this writing).
	Please let me know if you choose to follow this proposal.  The
	  signature and a list of the private API calls you use would be
	  appreciated, as well.
SeeAlso: INT 2D/AL=00h,INT 2D/AL=01h,INT 2D/AL=02h,INT 2D/AL=03h,INT 2D/AL=04h
SeeAlso: INT 2D/AL=05h,INT 2D/AL=06h,INT 2F"NOTES"