Category: network

INT 61 - FTP Software PC/TCP - TCP/IP TSR System Call interface

	AH = system call number (also see entries below)
	    01h "pkt_alloc" (v2.05; this is "net_config" in v2.1+)
	    02h "pkt_free" (v2.05; this is "get_kernel_info" in v2.1+)
Return: CF clear if successful
	CF set on error
	    AL = basic error (see #03319)
	    AH = suberror number (see #03320,#03321)
InstallCheck:	test for the signature "TCPTSR" three bytes beyond the start
	  of the interrupt handler
Range:	INT 20h to INT E0h, selected by configuration
BUG:	the SLIP kernel for v2.05 bounds-checks the wrong register, so values
	  greater than 54h in AH may crash the system.	Other kernels may have
	  this bug as well.
SeeAlso: INT 61/AH=00h"PC/TCP",INT 61/AH=2Ah,INT 61/AH=54h
Index:	installation check;PC/TCP