Category: hardware

INT 50 - IRQ0 relocated by DESQview

Range:	INT 50 to INT F8, selected automatically
Notes:	this is the default location for older versions; DESQview v2.26+
	  searches for unused ranges of interrupts and uses the lowest
	  available range in its list for relocating these IRQs and the next
	  lowest for relocating IRQ8-IRQ15
	a range of eight interrupts starting at a multiple of 8 is considered
	  available if all vectors are identical and it has not been excluded
	  with an /XB:nn commandline switch
	the list of ranges for v2.26 is 50h,58h,68h,78h,F8h (if < two of these
	  are available, F8h and then 50h are used anyway)
	the list of ranges for v2.31+ is 68h,78h,88h-B8h,F8h (if < two of these
	  are available, F8h and then F0h are used anyway)
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SeeAlso: INT D8"Screen Thief"