Category: network


	ES:BX -> network control block (NCB) (see #03249)
Return: AL = status (see #03248)
Program: NetBIOS was developed by Sytek, Inc. in 1984 as a high-level
	  programming interface to the IBM PC Network; the first implementation
	  was a ROM BIOS extension on Sytek's PCnet LAN adapter card, but many
	  current networks support NetBIOS as the session layer.
Notes:	The Sytek PCnet card uses DMA 3.
	On some machines this vector is not initialized (e.g. Epson machines).
	  Hence this interrupt should only be called or hooked if the vector
	  does not point to 0000h:0000h.
SeeAlso: INT 2A/AH=01h,INT 2A/AH=04h,INT 5B"Extended NetBIOS"