Category: hardware
Flags: callout or callback (usually hooked rather than called)

INT 02 - external hardware - NON-MASKABLE INTERRUPT

Desc:	generated by the CPU when the input to the NMI pin is asserted
Notes:	return address points to start of interrupted instruction on 80286+
	on the 80286+, further NMIs are disabled until the next IRET
	  instruction, but one additional NMI is remembered by the hardware
	  and will be serviced after the IRET instruction reenables NMIs
	maskable interrupts may interrupt the NMI handler if interrupts are
	although the Intel documentation states that this interrupt is
	  typically used for power-failure procedures, it has many other uses
	  on IBM-compatible machines:
		Memory parity error: all except Jr, CONV, and some machines
				  without memory parity
		Breakout switch on hardware debuggers
		Coprocessor interrupt: all except Jr and CONV
		Keyboard interrupt: Jr, CONV
		I/O channel check: CONV, PS50+
		Disk-controller power-on request: CONV
		System suspend: CONV
		Real-time clock: CONV
		System watch-dog timer, time-out interrupt: PS50+
		DMA timer time-out interrupt: PS50+
		Low battery: HP 95LX
		Module pulled: HP 95LX