Category: sound/speech

INT 81 - Gravis UltraSound - MegaEm - PROCESS COMMAND LINE

	AX = 0200h
	BX = PSP segment
	SI = ??? (data area)
Return: AX = status (see #03975)
	BL = emulation state
	    bit 1   Emulation is on
	    bit 2   Emulation is off
Program: MegaEm is a protected-mode SoundBlaster, SoundCanvas, and MT-32
	  emulator for the Gravis UltraSound
Range:	INT 81 to INT FF (see INT 21/AX=FD12h), selected by scanning for an
	  interrupt with vector 0000h:0000h
SeeAlso: AX=0202h,AX=0300h,AX=0400h,INT 21/AX=FD12h/BX=3457h