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#include <bios.h>

unsigned _bios_serialcom(unsigned cmd, unsingned serialport,
                         unsigned data);


The _bios_serialcom routine uses INT 0x14 to provide serial communications services. The serialport argument is set to 0 for COM1, to 1 for COM2, and so on. The cmd argument can be set to one of the following manifest constants:


Initialize com port (data is the settings)


Read a byte from port


Write a byte to port


Get the port status

The data argument is ignored if cmd is set to _COM_RECEIVE or _COM_STATUS. The data argument for _COM_INIT is created by combining one or more of the following constants (with the OR operator):

_COM_CHR7         7 bits/character
_COM_CHR8         8 bits/character
_COM_STOP1        1 stop bit
_COM_STOP2        2 stop bits
_COM_NOPARITY     no parity
_COM_EVENPARITY   even parity
_COM_ODDPARITY    odd parity
_COM_110          110 baud
_COM_150          150 baud
_COM_300          300 baud
_COM_600          600 baud
_COM_1200         1200 baud
_COM_2400         2400 baud
_COM_4800         4800 baud
_COM_9600         9600 baud

The default value of data is 1 stop bit, no parity, and 110 baud.

Return Value

The function returns a 16-bit integer whose high-order byte contains status bits. The meaning of the low-order byte varies, depending on the cmd value. The high-order bits are as follows:

Bit     Meaning if Set

15      Timed out
14      Transmission-shift register empty
13      Transmission-hold register empty
12      Break detected
11      Framing error
10      Parity error
 9      Overrun error
 8      Data ready

When service is _COM_SEND, bit 15 is set if data cannot be sent.

When service is _COM_RECEIVE, the byte read is returned in the low-order bits if the call is successful. If an error occurs, any of the bits 9, 10, 11, or 15 is set.

When service is _COM_INIT or _COM_STATUS, the low-order bits are defined as follows:

Bit     Meaning if Set

7       Receive-line signal detected
6       Ring indicator
5       Data-set-ready
4       Clear-to-send
3       Change in receive-line signal detected
2       Trailing-edge ring indicator
1       Change in data-set-ready status
0       Change in clear-to-send status




/* 9600 baud, no parity, one stop, 8 bits */
_bios_serialcom(_COM_INIT, 0,
for(i=0; buf[i]; i++)
  _bios_serialcom(_COM_SEND, 0, buf[i]);

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