Int 31H Function 0E00H

Get Coprocessor Status [1.0]

Returns information about whether or not a numeric coprocessor exists, the type of coprocessor available (if any), and whether or not the host or client is providing coprocessor emulation.

Note that all known DPMI 0.9 hosts support this function.

Call With

AX = 0E00H


if function successful
Carry flag = clear (this function always succeeds in DPMI 1.0)
AX = coprocessor status

0MPv (MP bit in the virtual MSW/CR0)
0 = numeric coprocessor is disabled for this client
1 = numeric coprocessor is enabled for this client
1EMv (EM bit in the virtual MSW/CR0)
0 = client is not emulating coprocessor instructions
1 = client is emulating coprocessor instructions
2MPr (MP bit from the actual MSW/CR0)
0 = numeric coprocessor is not present
1 = numeric coprocessor is present
3EMr (EM bit from the actual MSW/CR0)
0 = host is not emulating coprocessorinstructions
1 = host is emulating coprocessor instructions
4-7coprocessor type
00H = no coprocessor
02H = 80287
03H = 80387
04H = 80486 with numeric coprocessor
05H-0FH reserved for future numeric processors
8-15not applicable
if function unsuccessful
Carry flag = set (this function always fails in DPMI 0.9)


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